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Residential remodeling and maintenance

Call Blumenthal 847-881-6450

Call Blumenthal is ready to help you with your home remodeling and maintenance needs.  

Residential Maintenance
Our services include:
Plumbing             Electrical              Masonry         Concrete
Gutters                Heating                A/C                Windows       
Tiles                     Painting               Doors             Flooring
Sump Pumps     Generators

Bathrooms           Kitchens               Basements
Additions              New Construction

Whether you want to update your kitchen or get that leak in the basement fixed, Call Blumenthal can address all of your remodeling projects and home repairs.  If it's a new kitchen you want, Call Blumenthal will help you design the room for optimal function and flow.  If it's a basement leak that needs to be fixed, Call Blumenthal will remove the drywall, repair the crack, replace the drywall and paint so that nobody will know there was even a problem.  There is no need to call a drywall expert, mason and a painter when all it takes is one call to David Blumenthal.

Call Blumenthal, Inc. is licensed, bonded and insured along with all of its employees and subcontractors.

We are also a Lead Paint Certified company.

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